Create a Competition Between Classes

One of the challenges of fundraising is to get full participation. Traditionally, 80% of the funds come from 20% of your donors. You want to reach your goal in any way you can, but it’s nice to have it reached with the help of more people. This way you get more loyal buy-in. It may also be easier to fund a campaign with smaller chunks, rather than waiting for the “big fish” to save the day.

Fraternities and sororities like to compete. Sports and grades are the two most prevalent traditions. Why not create an internal competition between pledge classes?

We recommend building a campaign that includes separate funding buckets for each pledge class year that funnels funds into the same chapter. Don’t worry, we’re setup to do this. You don’t have to do anything, and its free to configure your campaign this way.

By identifying with a particular class, people are more likely to contribute to it. The person that sets up the campaign for their class can be responsible for getting the word out to members of their class. This way, the multiple funding buckets setup for a chapter could reach current classes and alumni classes from 30 years ago.

You could even develop a system that rewards classes that raise the most money. They could have rooms in the chapter house named after them, and they could be recognized on the chapter website and social media channels.

Get started.

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